Power Suit: Styling co-ords

Co-ords Set: TopShop | Heels: Zara | Clutch: Zara | White-shirt: Mango

Match the colors of your outfit or go for a unicoloured look. Those who wear the same colors or shades create a solid line for the eye. Prints often make you seem smaller. I also wore this with sneakers and both looks perfect.

                                                             Until next time….XOXO

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Black on black and Layering

It feels ages ago since we’ve talked and I’m sorry for that. It all started with a weekend of nonstop work which is finally going to end.

It’s starting to feel like fall, though I’m not going to encounter fall here in KL just teleporting myself right now in Europe’s fall with this comfy look.


I know this all black ensemble doesn’t look much different than what I normally wear but I’m trying not to follow any rules. Here I’m wearing Mango jacket, literally this jacket waited in my wardrobe for ages until, I finally figured out how to use it as a prop. Now it gives me an ultimate chic look which is so classy and elegant it can be carried out for work or who knows maybe for a date. I would love to call this look as an Airport style can’t wait to try it on my next trip..yay…

Here I’m completing it with pointed heels just adding a touch of classiness but you can use either boots or sneakers just to be more comfortable and believe me still you’re gonna rock this look .

This fall I’ll be looking for more colours, shades of reds, purples, pinks or mauves …Ohh I can’t wait to try them all.

Needless to say , I’m not showing you this look just because I love how it turned out on photos..gig.., what I truly wanted to say that wearing props can really make your outfit standout.

My love for black is growing bigger and I’m here to show you that so much s possible, all that matters is right balance.

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Jacket : Mango | Black Jeans : Zara |  Heels :  Dorothy Perkins| Black Top : H&M | Watch : DanielWellington




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